100% sunflower oil. Irreplaceable, standard ingredient of every kitchen. Designed for everyday food preparation. Simple and easy. “Cook with a SMILE!“

Content, seductive, smiling, gracious! Holiday on your plate and in your kitchen! The scent of sea, warmth of sun on your skin, salt and wind in your hair. Let the dish on your plate each day bring you to rest, while preparing it and enjoying in its taste.
SOLIA SMILE recommends penne tricolore with mushrooms in pesto sauce, grilled fish and a salad of arugula, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts, dressed in aceto balsamico. She invitates Eros Ramazotti to dinner, with white wine and divine voice of three tenors.

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An ideal blend of oils with a perfect proportion of much-needed Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. “Be FIT, cook with SOLIA FIT!“

Healthy, strong, light, singing, looking forward to each new day! With SOLIA FIT oil walk through life in a light and steady pace! Be healthy and happy with SOLIA FIT oil. Slip your meal in a lightweight running shoes and race to your health. Enrich your body with amino acids, and your spirit with positive thoughts, your soul with happiness and joy. Be well fed and healthy! SOLIA FIT recommends a steak with grilled vegetables. Invites to dinner Tom Cruise, and enjoys the inexhaustible energy of Tina Turner. SOLIA FIT drinks red wine and a digestif of alpine herbs.

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Special oil designed for high temperatures. Oil for hot cuisine and dishes that require a degree higher temperature: “Cook with style!”

A fiery, fast, exciting, dangerous. The diverse and rich flavors of South America, local dishes, crispy treats whatever you want, SOLIA STYLE will help you to experience unprecedented tastes. In company or by yourself, enjoy in crispy meals of unusual and far away places or in some completely ordinary and domestic pleasures such as French fries or donuts. SOLIA STYLE invites friends to dinner to watch the match, fries fish and chips and serves it in newspapers, with a lot of different salads and beer.

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