1 kg fine wheat flour type 550
50 ml SOLIA SMILE oil
100 g butter
150-200 ml lukewarm water

Pour flour on the work surface and make a whole in the centre where you will put egg, yolk, salt, oil and softened butter. Gradually add lukewarm water and mix the dough.
The dough should be well kneaded and smooth, neither too soft nor too hard.
Divide the kneaded dough into several pieces and cover with a cloth. Let is stand for a while. Work the dough into long and narrow tubes, cut them into small pieces and stick the small pieces of dough on a knitting needle. Shape the pieces of dough into penne or macaroni shapes and then carefully take them off the knitting needle. More skilful cooks will be able to make two
penne shapes at once. Keep making the pasta until you run out of dough and spread the newly made penne on a surface dusted with flour to let them dry. Cook the freshly made homemade pasta in a lot of salted, boiling water. Drain them when they are cooked al dente. Toss penne pasta with some oil and serve as a side dish or with a sauce.
If you want more yellow pasta, add more yolk and water. You can use skewer sticks instead of a knitting needs as the dough does not slip off them so easily.