2 large eggs, free-range if possible (3 if very hungry)
1 dash(es) cream, optional
salt, to taste
fresh ground pepper, to taste
1 tsp SOLIA Smile
1 tbsp butter
25 g smoked salmon, cut into strips - use a little more if you wish
½ tbsp butter, broken into small pieces, to dress
1 sprig(s) fresh chives for dressing
½ tsp salmon caviare, for a luxurious alternative dressing,

Break the eggs (you can use 3 eggs should you wish, but 2 is normally sufficient) into a bowl and beat with a pinch of salt and pepper. If you wish to add the cream, add it now and beat to mix. Set aside for minute or two until the pan is ready.

Heat an omelette pan, or non-stick pan, and add the oil followed by the butter and allow the butter to melt. The oil is to help prevent the butter from burning and the butter is for flavour. Pour in the egg mixture and cook for about 15-20 seconds until the omelette just begins to set at the sides. Using a fork or plastic heat-resistant spatula, stir around the sides only and bring the mixture towards the middle of the pan. Repeat a few times or until the omelette has mostly set but is still soft and creamy in the centre.

Sprinkle the smoked salmon down the centre line of the omelette and gently fold one of the opposite edges of the omelette towards the centre. Fold the opposing edge until it slightly overlaps the first.

In the event that you prefer your eggs a little more cooked and less loose than is normal for an omelette, cook for a few seconds longer until set as desired. Do not allow the omelette to darken, other than perhaps in a few small spots, if unavoidable.

Turn out onto a plate, folds uppermost. Add a few small knobs of butter down the line of the folds of the omelette. Add the chives, (2 or 3 is sufficient) or, for a more luxurious effect, add a little salmon caviare at the side.

Serve with a mixed salad, or a rice or pasta-based salad, potato salad.